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Streetly Local Neighbourhood Partnership
for Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, West Midlands UK.

Local Neighbourhood Meetings in Streetly

Streetly LNP ( Local Neighbourhood Partnership ) Where Streetly residents can influence plans & decisions about their local area.

Streetly LNP has identified the following themes as their priorities:

  • Crime
  • Environment
  • Access to services
  • Facilities for young people

    LNP Meetings, dates and venues for Streetly area are listed on the Whats on & Events page.

    If you would like to know more information after reading this page then look at the events page or call the LNP team on Telephone number 01922-654701

    Would you like to influence the decisions made about Streetly area ?
    The Local Neighbourhood Partnerships (LNPs) bring together key people such as the police, fire service, health, council departments together with local community groups and local people to make Streetly a better place to live and work in.
    Photography in Streetly and Aldridge is now being used to show how residents are proud of thier community and will work together with the local community and organisations including the Police in a bid to tackle and resolve any decline or damage in the area, nothing is more powerful ....than a picture !
    See the photo Album

    You are welcome to send Photographs of the local area to highlight those scenes and views you enjoy most, you may also wish to send any photo which brings attention to any area of damage or in need of repairs which can then be swiftly alerted to the correct people to take positive action.

    Do you have an issue which needs to be resolved and highlighted, such as a problem in the Streetly area, Want to grumble, complain, and get results ? well.....NOW YOU CAN....Its official...complaints get noticed when you take a moment to write it down on a NEW "One off Issue" FORM. Down load it , fill the essential parts of the form, then choose, take it to your next CAG meeting, post it, or even save it on your pc then email back. The aim of this form is to report details regarding a "one-off issue" that any resident of Aldridge South or Streetly may choose. This information will be logged with a unique reference number. Once the completed form has been actioned you can obtain the latest status of your issue by contacting LNP officers on 01922 652029.

    What is the purpose of a CAG ?

    CAGs aim to build active and influential communities based on mutual respect.
    CAGs work in a relaxed way as part of a working group of the Local Neighbourhood Partnership (LNP) inviting local people from the community and organisations, so that everyone can take part in influencing change.

    CAGs involve working with communities and all agencies in the public, private and community sector.

    Who should attend CAG Meetings ?

    Anyone who has a genuine interest in the local community should come along. CAGs are held once a month, starting at 6pm and lasting for 2 hours, including a buffet and refreshments. Call 01922 654703 for venue details and dates for your LNP area.

    CAGs are a community process because:

    The CAG process involves:
    •Tackling the issues which people in your community identify as being important to you.

    •Helping people understand why the issues they want to tackle have come about.

    •Networking with local groups and organisations, working together to find solutions to the problems in your area.

    •Working towards changes which reduce inequality in your local community.

    Who to expect at a CAG Meeting

    These are the people present at a CAG who will facilitate actions and follow up issues:

  • NPO – Neighbourhood Partnership Officer
  • CSO – Community Safety Officer
  • Police Sergeant Representative
  • Fire Representative
  • Health Representative
  • Other related Service Area Officers
  • LNP members

    Role of participants at CAGs

    The following points summarise what commitment and understanding is expected by those who choose to attend CAGs:
    Working together

  • towards shared goals and finding positive solutions
  • Forming links to help local people and organisations to come together
  • raising awareness about inequality
  • working out how things can be changed
  • recognising and respecting that everyone has skills & knowledge
  • Learning from mistakes as well as successes
  • helping individuals to get involved in decision making which affects their lives
  • promoting the work and message of the Partnership
    Community awareness
  • raising awareness of communities’ concerns and linking local concerns to the bigger picture
  • working with all people and groups so that change lasts
  • using resources responsibly

    What CAGs are not

    The following points are an attempt to answer common questions raised in previous CAGs.
    CAGs are not set up to be:

  • Quick
    Community regeneration is a long term process, focusing on people and their needs and aims. This long term approach is essential to ensure that changes are sustainable and long-lasting
  • A numbers game
    If only five people turn up to the meeting, these are the five people you start working with
  • Consultation
    CAGs are much more than consulting on decisions already made
  • A cheap way of delivering services or validating funding bids
  • Talking Shop
    The CAGs are the responsibility of all the people and members who attend to develop and progress positive partnership working
  • The answer to everything
    CAGs are set up to deal with local issues and plan local solutions not to be the answer to everything

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