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Singer Connie Talbot
of Streetly, Sutton Coldfield

near Walsall, West Midlands UK.

Connie's new album is available from her own website shop so get your very own Connie Christmas Magic. Singing sensation Connie Talbot new album

Singing sensation Connie Talbot

Connie takes on America making her American television debut on October 3rd as a guest performer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she performed live.
Nintendo has announced that singer Connie Talbot will be the subject of a karaoke Wii game. The game, designed by the British firm Data Design Interactive, will allow fans to sing along with the songs on the "Over the Rainbow" album.
The USA company "Target", one of America's biggest retailers, will join the Connie Talbot campaign with price and positioning in all of its retail stores beginning on the album's street date. In addition, Connie featured on and in the October 12th Target circular flyer, which reaches some 55 million consumers.
USA Company F.Y.E., America's largest specialty music retailer, confirmed that Connie Talbot's Over the Rainbow album will receive prominent profile placement in the chain's mall store windows. Some 20 million people will view Connie Talbot posters and banners while entering F.Y.E. stores during the designated period; the outward window banners will be seen by as many as 250 million. Connie also featured in a Barnes and Noble "Discover New Artist". Technology and entertainment giant, SanDisk's online store,, will promote the release of Connie in the U.S.A. Documenting this whirlwind of activity will be ITV, Britain's leading independent television network, which will follow Connie around the States with cameras in hand in order to make a documentary for British TV. Connie Talbot remains a YouTube phenomenon as well, where millions of people to date have viewed her already legendary performances on British television. Over the Rainbow, produced and mixed by Simon Hill and Rob May, was recorded in an aunt's spare bedroom so that Connie, would not lose valuable school time. The album is filled with Connie's stirring interpretations of such classics as "I Will Always Love You," "Imagine," "Ben," "My Favorite Things" and "What a Wonderful World," and even a cover of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds."

Connie Talbot Official Forum News Update, Tuesday 2nd September 2008 compiled by Global forum Moderator Arnold for Streetly website visitors.

Connie Talbot the young Streetly singing sensation is spreading her wings to star in her own karaoke game for the Nintendo Wii. The console game entitled 'Sing Along With Connie', is based on her recent album 'Over the Rainbow' features all 15 tracks and should be available early in 2009.

Connie will be starring in her own Nintendo Game! The following link has the details but it also has one of the best summaries of Connie's career to-date as well as hints of things to come. Connie Talbots Nintendo Game

At this time, Connie is scheduled to visit the US in October 2008 and will appear on major TV shows. This will undoubtedly boost Connie's career even further. Connie is working on her new Christmas album which is scheduled for release in the UK and Europe in time for Christmas, 2008. The Connie Talbot Official Forum now has almost 1,000 International members and nearly 10,000 posts. Thanks to site photographer Steve Hayter, our forum now has one of the largest and best photo galleries of Connie Talbot anywhere. Most of the photographs are restricted to members only but joining our growing forum is easy. Our forum continues to be the most comprehensive collection of Connie Talbot news, photos, artwork and video links on the Internet. Why not visit and say hello? Connies Forum

Connie Talbot Official Forum News Update, Friday, 26 June 2008 compiled by forum member Geoff for Streetly website visitors.

Connie’s 1st Single – ‘Three Little Birds’ – is at No. 3 in the Independent Charts.

Connie to Sing with Whitney Houston

Connie is to sing a duet of ‘I Will Always Love You’ with Whitney Houston!
Connie and Whitney will sing the ‘Whitney Classic’ together in November 2008 on the German Show ‘Heart of a Child’ – the German equivalent of Children in Need.

Connie was a Guest at Mandela Banquet

On July 16th Connie was also be a Special Guest at a private Banquet to be held in London to mark the 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela.

Following on from Connie’s UK ‘Gold Debut Album’ success, April and May saw Connie, with Mum Sharon and Dad Gavin, in the Far East visiting 4 countries. Once again Connie’s beautiful singing voice and irresistible personality on TV and Radio shows, took her to the top of the International Album Charts in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Connie won more Platinum and Gold Albums and even took the Number One spot from Madonna in Taiwan!

source: connie talbot forum

The Streetly & Korea Connection

How strange that more than 50 years after ‘Streetly Diva’ Doreen Lyons or ‘Diva Dorie’ (featured on streetly website, visited troops in Korea, a new ‘Streetly Diva’ - Connie Talbot - visits Korea and ‘wows’ them all over again! There must be something in the water around Streetly.

(story tie-in by forum member Geoff, 'Streetly Diva' source: streetly Diva

Connie Talbot Official Forum

The Forum has quickly grown to more than 600 International members from countries all around the world. It is probably the most comprehensive collection of Connie Talbot News, Photo’s, Artwork and Video Links on the Internet. Why not visit and say hello. Everyone on the Forum is a huge Connie Fan and we feel that Connie will soon be a major Star on the world stage.

connie talbot forum

Connie Talbot's new Album 'Over the Rainbow' which you can buy from Connie's website You can listen to the "Three little birds" track below.

The New Album songs are:

1. Over The Rainbow
2. I believe
3. Smile
4. Three Little Birds
5. Imagine
6. My Favourite Things
7. Any Dream Will Do
8 What A Wonderful World
9. Ben
10 I Will Always Love You
11. I Have A Dream
12. You Raise Me Up

video from the “Britain’s Got Talent” finals

Streetly singing sensation Connie Talbot released her first single in February 2008. Her album Over The Rainbow has gone gold, and Connie is hoping to hit the top spot with a cover of the Abba classic I Have a Dream. Connie Talbot has gathered a worldwide fanbase on her Myspace site and through videos placed on Youtube.

Connie’s agent Ian Sparkes said the new single would be released on February 21 with more plans new material to be released in future.

It is the first single released from Over The Rainbow CD which was produced by The Rainbow Recording Company, who signed her up after Simon Cowell backed out of a deal. Connie, who attends Blackwood School in Streetly and found fame on the ITV 1 show Britain’s Got Talent, was presented with her gold disc by presenter Phillip Schofield on the This Morning show.

The CD contains the title track which is the song that moved judge Amanda Holden to tears on Britain’s Got Talent and earned her praise from notorious Mr Nasty Simon Cowell.

It was originally going to be released as the first single before record bosses decided to release the album first. Just 50,000 copies of Connie’s album were originally pressed, but another 120,000 had to be made after they sold out within days.

Connie caused a stir when she performed at the Great Bridge Christmas and Winter Festival, in the West Midlands where the crowds of people who were keen to see Connie prompted Police to rescue her “for her own protection”, which meant plans for Connie to sign autographs had to be abandoned when, immediately after her three-song set, she was escorted away by police officers as the 700-strong crowd surged forward towards the stage in a marquee.

Connie, making the appearance after a day at school, was one of around 40 acts including choirs and amateur singers – plus X Factor finalist Sarah McFarlane – to appear on the stage at the first ever festival.

Connie Talbot was awarded a prestigious gold disc after selling more than 105,000 copies of her debut Over The Rainbow CD which brought a tear to her mums eyes, Sharon Talbot said the family had been moved to tears when the gold disc was presented to Connie.

Connie Talbot Biography
Connie Talbot, was born on the 20th November 2000 and lives in Streetly, Walsall, West Midlands. She has been singing since she was 18 months old. The song she is most known for, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, was the song she performed at her grandmother’s funeral at three years old. She rose to fame in 2007 when she reached the final of the television show Britain’s Got Talent where she reached 2nd place. Connie signed with Simon Cowell and Sony BMG. Unfortunately, shortly after recording her first single, the label dropped her because they felt she was too young. However Simon Cowell said, “My views on Connie have NOT changed. I think she’s a wonderful talent, but I was persuaded by everyone at Sony BMG that she is just much too young to be embarking on a recording career. When the time is right I will be delighted to see if we can make it work. My views on Connie are still exactly the same. She’s an amazing little girl with a beautiful voice.”

she then signed with Rainbow Recording Company, and began production of her debut album, Over the Rainbow, which was released on 26 November 2007 in the UK. The first single from the album, “Over the Rainbow”/”White Christmas” was tipped as a potential Christmas number one. However, the single was not released by the record company.

Since then, the record label Rhythm Rainbow created a new offshoot company called Rainbow Recording Company, specifically to sign Connie. Her album with the new label features 12 all-time favorite songs, including “Somewhere over the rainbow”, “Imagine”, “I have a dream” and “White Christmas”, which has now been updated with new tracks which include 3 little birds, both versions of the Connie's album can be order online.....

You can buy the album from Connie's website

Click on video below to hear Connie sing !

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