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"Diva Dorie"
Doreen Lyons of Streetly

Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, West Midlands UK.

"Diva Dorie", Doreen LYONS as she is known, from Streetly, Sutton Coldfield has had a long career as a singer from an early age which has seen her rub shoulders with many famous entertainers and appear on stage with big bands over many years.

Doreen has always had a heart of gold and worked very hard to raise funds for local charity.

Sadly, Diva Dorie passed away suddenly on feb 7th, 2009, a shock to her family and friends. The funeral was feb 20th at streetly, and in the words of her Son Darran Lyons "it was one amazing funeral." Mom had an interview the Monday before she passed with John Ogden, from the Express and Star Newspaper.

Darran, who lives in America, spoke to Deana Martin, Dean Martins daughter and she sang a song for mom, which was played at the funeral, as a tribute as they were not able to make the trip in person.

Doreen was very active in 1951 when she formed a club for the troops in KOREA.

The Korea Club provided parcels, magazines, books and even signed photographs of the most popular singers and film stars of the time, with the help of the Red cross and hospitals to boost morale of injured troops.

Many of those film stars and singers became involved in charity work and benefit concerts and were so moved by the efforts of Doreen that they sent her many gifts including autographed pictures which she treasured.

Over the years Doreen slowed the pace down from singing and turned her hand to hand making a small number of exclusive dolls which have been collected by famous people like Dolly Parton and the 1st Lady, Laura Bush.

Doreens last venture was to provide entertainment and raise money for good causes including Walsall Eyes, a charity which helps people with impaired vision or blindness.

Doreen had the drive and ambition to entertain with a routine which included songs by the daughter of Dean Martin, Deana Martin

Doreen was in high demand for her shows both locally and even from America, so she had to be selective about which ones she accepted, but maintained a young at heart outlook on life and was always pleased to be able to share some fun and raise a little money for a good cause.

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