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Streetly area is partly under the control of Walsall Council, and has it's own dedicated area manager who looks after the concerns and interest of the local residents, by dealing with a wide range of issues raised by the community which may include anything from the state of road repairs to the damage caused by anti social behaviour.

The details are as below:
Walsall Partnership
Walsall Council
1st Floor
Challenge Building
Hatherton Street
Walsall WS1 1YG
John Morris is the Walsall Council area manager for Streetly

John Morris
Area Manager
Tel: 01922 652029
Mobile: 07852 421421

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ROLE OF AREA PARTNERSHIPS and John Morris serving Streetly area

The purpose of Area Partnerships is to:

• Engage with local communities and partners to identify issues and agree the key priorities for their area to be included in the Area Plan. • Empower communities to solve local problems by supporting local action and giving people influence over the resources allocated to their area. • Co-ordinate service providers and hold them to account for delivery, to ensure better outcomes for our communities and a more effective use of resources. They have the potential to become a powerful partnership between communities and organisations, to be a driver for improvement, efficiency and better outcomes, locally and for Walsall as a whole. The responsibility and commitment needed to make them work belongs to us all.

Area Plan
Each area will develop an Area Plan which will be approved by partners and the community. The Plan will have a three year life and will show how the priorities contained within the Sustainable Community Strategy will be delivered in the area. It will also include locally determined priorities where there is evidence of need or where engagement has demonstrated strong local demand. Local Councillors will be crucial to the development of Area Plans and in assisting the Area Manager to develop them. Measures of the success in delivering Area Plans will be developed and reviewed regularly by partners. Progress will be reported back to the community at least twice per year but more frequently where measurement is relatively straightforward.

Area Manager
An Area Manager will be appointed in each of the six areas. They will be responsible for co-ordinating others to ensure the delivery of outcomes and positive results within the area.

Area Partnership Meetings
In each area, the Area Manager will convene monthly meetings of the key partners. The purpose of this will be to discuss and assimilate the information from consultation and engagement and to agree tasks to address the issues and concerns raised by communities. Partnership meetings will also address the more strategic aims of the Area Plan. Area plans will consider the aspirations of local people and their wider needs identified by borough-level evidence as well as the Sustainable Community Strategy.

Area Community Meetings
There will be at least six community meetings per year in each area. These meetings will be led by local Councillors, but with the flexibility for Councillors to empower others to lead and/or chair as they see fit. Community meetings will also identify local issues to be referred to the partners’ meeting. However, some issues may benefit from local action and so task-and-finish groups will be encouraged and supported to ensure problems can be solved.

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